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about us

Oh hey! Welcome to Delusional Sauce Co, where we're all about providing you with the most mouth watering, tantalizing condiments! Our sauces are the brainchild of Chef Pat, who's been brewing up some seriously tasty concoctions for over a decade. At 7 months pregnant, mid pandemic, Liz decides it is a prudent idea to officially sell Pat's sauces. Liz is the Delusional Sous Chef and takes care of the business side of Delusional. Liz is the resident sauce connoisseur and taste tester, and she's always pushing for more sauciness.  


Starting a new business, during the pandemic, at 7 months pregnant... we'd say that's pretty delusional, wouldn't you?

What started as a pipe dream has become a reality as Delusional continues to win the hearts and tastebuds around the country! Our products are proudly made in Hamilton, Ontario. Our goal? To offer a range of flavours and heat levels that will enhance your food and delight your senses. So join our Delusional family and follow along as we make our Delusional dream a reality! Are you ready to indulge in some delusional deliciousness? 

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